Front-end developer

Living in Lille, France
I'm available to work anywhere.

Hi there!

I'm working with web agencies and design teams to build solid, perfomant, accessible websites and living style guides. I also enjoy working with developers and designers teams to improve their workflow and front-end skills.

Aside from that you can find me teaching CMS in university or running workshops about web technologies.

What can I do for you?

  • UI SystemsUI SystemsTo tame technical debtand scallability, with thehelp of the design team,we will build a style guideto keep consistentinterfaces.
  • Interactive interfacesInteractiveInterfacesWorking with thedesigners, we will craftmeaningful animationsand interactions
  • Wordpress, Typo3WordpressTypo3While building complexlayouts, together with theeditors, we will set upa simple and powerfuladministration system.
  • Workshops, coursesCoursesWorkshopsFrom student training tofront-end masterclass,let's learn and improvetogether.
  • Some projects I have been working on

    As a developer I had the opportunity to work on a variety of websites, here are some projects I have enjoyed.